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The Master's Vessel Ministry: Spiritual Journey (January 12-February 1, 2015)

The Master's Vessel Ministry: Spiritual Journey (January 12-February 1, 2015)

The Spiritual Journey of The Master’s Vessel Ministry which runs from January 12 through February 1, 2015 is a time of prayer and fasting. We do not intend to make this spiritual discipline an endurance exercise or a competition with similar exercises fellow believers engage in at this time of the year. I therefore appeal to all MVM members to observe this time as unto the Lord in contemplation on His greatness, goodness, and graciousness. Please feel free to use the meditations below, drawn largely from our Spiritual Emphasis for 2015: “The Lord is My Shepherd; I Shall not Want” (Psalm 23). However, you are not, by any means, limited to the said meditations.
We shall meet in our respective congregations to conclude each day’s fast with prayer at 5:30 p.m. or at a time that suits each local context. If for health reasons you are unable to fast till the end of the day, please do fast as much as you can. Never forget that the fast is unto the Lord who understands where each person sits or stands. He will reward your faithfulness!
Non-members of The Master’s Vessel Ministry can submit their prayer requests to the appropriate box on the website, Click here for Prayer request. May the Lord answer you favourably as you seek His face sincerely and seriously.

Spiritual Emphasis 2015: "The Lord is my Shepherd...." (Psalm 23)

Download Spiritual-Journey Daily Activities in PDF

Download Spiritual-Journey Daily Acitivities in MS Word

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