Beloved friends, this is Pastor Amara Uwaeziozi, your brother in The LORD, greeting you this New Year. We are glad that The LORD has been gracious to us as to usher us into a year of great expectations.

I bring you a message titled, Give Me Time.


And our reading will be taken from The Book of Job 8:7

Job 8:7

Though your beginning was small,
Yet your latter end would increase abundantly.

And we will also read from Zacharias 4:10

Zacharias 4:10

10 For who has despised the day of small things?
For these seven rejoice to see
The plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.
They are the eyes of the Lord,
Which scan to and fro throughout the whole earth.”


Heavenly FATHER, and The FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, we are pleased to be in another season. We pray, Mighty FATHER, that the entrance of YOUR Word will inspire us and motivate us to great expectations this year, because of the promise you’ve made to us, that YOUR Name be glorified. Inspire my listeners, and transform their lives for better…in JESUS Name I pray. Amen!

I said our topic is, Give Me Time.

This is derived from what we have read that, we should not despise the small beginnings. And we need to repeat it and tell someone, give me time because GOD has gone ahead of us – and it will never be the same again. We are going higher. Our GOD has promised us great things this year – levels are going to change for good, power will change hands, some people are going to change status, the barren will bear children, the unmarried will get married. There’s not going to be more delays any longer. In spite of the economic stresses many will move to another social strata and be able to meet their needs. Some will acquire skills that will be relevant internationally; many will answer GOD’s call to the ministry. Strange manifestations of healings will become rampant.

I‘m excited about what GOD is about to do in the lives of our people. We have stayed so long in one place. It is time to cross over. The Red Sea will divide. The GOD of Elijah is our GOD. For your sake the Jordan will divide. Of course – yes –  GOD said to Paul in the bible, you have testified to Jerusalem; you will also testify in Rome. It is the desire of GOD to move us to higher levels. New careers will begin to manifest.

Many great careers began in a small way. Unfortunately many people do not recognize the beginnings of greatness. The Bible teaches us not to despise the small beginnings. Countless Christians throw away great careers in the  ministry because they cannot recognize the beginnings of a great career.

Never forget this, the greatest careers began in the smallest ways. A tiny mustard seed brings forth a mighty tree. There is no relationship between the size of the seed and the size of the tree.

I want to draw your attention to six people who began small in the bible.

  1. Number one of them is Elisha. Elisha began his career as a prophet by washing the hands of Elijah. When you read from 2 Kings 3:11, it is on record that through Elisha sixteen notable miracles were performed. Here the bible calls him as one who poured water upon the hands of Elijah. In order words he started as a servant – as an aid to Elijah, and grew to what he was before his death. There is great potential in you. But while you are developing you will be disciplined. You are expected to be disciplined. You are expected to be consistent, you are expected to be committed, you are expected to grow the fruit of patience and be focused. And you need to tell someone, give me time, I will soon be there.
  2. Let me draw your attention again to the second example in the bible. The great Army General Joshua began his career as a servant to Moses, in Exodus 24:13. The bible says that Joshua was an assistant to Moses. But Joshua later took over and led the children of Israel to The Promised Land. He conquered lands and kings. Yes – and became a conqueror.

         Perhaps you may need to repeat to yourself that, I am a conqueror; and I cannot be anything less this year. But you need to start small. Start from where you are.

  1. The third example is David, David the King – the greatest king of Israel. He began his career as a player of instruments in the palace of the king, king Saul. In 1 Samuel 16:22-23. We read that Saul requested David to come to the palace and play instrument. And whenever David picks up the instrument and played, the distressing spirit leaves Saul. In other words David used instruments to cast out demons. I mean, this thing we now take our time to pray and ask demons to leave David did [it] easily by playing the guitar or violin. Evil spirits will leave. That’s how he started his career – in a small way. But he grew to become the greatest king of Israel.
  2. Our fourth example is Aaron. Aaron and Hur held the hands of Moses in the battle of Amalek. They lifted the hands of Moses and held them. That’s how they started the career. Aaron later became the first high priest of Israel. That’s how he started his career.
  3. We will not forget to mention two women. Ruth. Ruth started her career by helping an elderly and frustrated mother-in-law and widow. In Ruth 1:16-17 we read the classical statement by this woman who committed herself to the mother-in-law and said she will follow her, she will die where she dies, her people will be her people and she will never leave her. She said to Naomi, Do not entreat me to leave you, I have taken my decisions.

O my readers, You know that Ruth was later linked up to the lineage of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. GOD saw her commitment; GOD saw her piety, GOD saw the attention she gave to her frustrated mother-in-law and widow and rewarded her accordingly.

Little beginnings cannot be overlooked. That’s how GOD expects us to start. So this year you start little and you will grow to realize the very destiny GOD has prepared for you.

  1. Our last example is Esther. Esther started her career by obedience to her uncle. She was not living in her biological home but she was so obedient to her uncle. That’s how she started her career and ended up to be a queen in a foreign land.

That’s how to start careers – small ways. I am seeing greatness ahead of us. I am seeing peaceful and vibrant families. I am seeing kingdom supporters. I am seeing people who can write a cheque to bankroll the cost of planting churches in our cities. While asking people to give you time, you need to develop your spiritual capacity, to handle greatness. And you also need to pay attention to character development than the outside which are the preoccupation of most people today.

  1. Pay attention to develop your character than the outward wear and outward look which is also important. But the more important is character development.
  2. Always present yourself to spiritual x-ray and scanning in self-examination which eventually is a tool, a key for effective use, by GOD.
  3. And the third thing you need to do while waiting is, increases in knowledge. Attend seminars, conferences and church services.

Let me read a passage in Exodus 23:30 as we begin to bring to an end this message.

Exodus 23:30

30 Little by little, I will drive away your adversaries, so that you will gain the land and occupy it.

Little by little you increase. You increase until you become effective and be able to manage the resources of GOD.

My people, you need to start something this year, something small. With nothing, nothing grows; but with something, it grows and becomes big. All great things are achieved through vision, patience and hard work.

I trust that this message will appeal to you; and I trust that you will do the needful.

May the LORD bless you.

Let us pray.


Heavenly FATHER, we pray that YOUR Name will be glorified this year. LORD, as we will not despise the small beginnings, we will put our hands on things that will grow, and things that will bring glory to YOUR Holy Name…in JESUS Mighty Name we pray. Amen!


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