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Prophetic Utterances by Pastor Amara - President MVM


Anointed Prayer and Blessings by the President that marked the culmination of the great event.

"I do pray that we will catch fire in this season and bring about the purposes of GOD. May the LORD find us faithful to fulfill this great commission…in The Name of JESUS. AMEN!

May the LORD give us strength, help, to drive Kingdom Enlargement…in JESUS Name. AMEN!

May GOD turn us into faithful men and woman – youths: in this work of enlargement…in JESUS Name.
May the LORD bestow on you the grace faithfulness in this season which HE has ushered us into…in JESUS Name. AMEN!
Our Master JESUS was faithful; may we also be faithful to him in JESUS Name. AMEN!

Do not be faithful when it is advantageous to you. It’s only when it is advantageous, when you are gaining something: it’s when you’ll be faithful. Be faithful in this matter. The bible says, they that win souls are wise and they have a reward. Those who win souls will have a reward: They’ll have a reward.
Faithfulness will be rewarded. Faithfulness will be rewarded.

When Jesus comes to reward His servants,
Whether it be noon or night,
Faithful to Him will He find us watching,
Walking Walking when The LORD shall come.

Oh, shall we say we are ready, brothers?
Ready for the soul’s bright home?
Say, will He find you and me still watching,
Waiting, waiting when the Lord shall come?

I want to release you to go and enlarge in the Name of JESUS. I want to command any sickness: any sickness that is in the body of anyone here to depart in the Name of JESUS.
I want to drive away any incidence of evil spirit in this place…in the Name of JESUS. AMEN!
I command the arthritic legs to be healed…in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
I command cancer cells to die…in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
I command barrenness to take its exit in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Let there be a revival in this Ministry in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Let the fire be kindled in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Let the power of the HOLY SPIRIT take over…in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Let the eyes that are diseased be opened now…in the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Every waste pain…what are you waiting for? Leave! Leave! Leave! In the Name of JESUS. Amen!
Backwardness! Backwardness! Backwardness , you have no place here. You have no place in the midst of GOD’s people any longer. Take your exit by the name of JESUS. Amen!
Let the doors be opened. AMEN!
Let the doors be opened. AMEN!
Let the doors be opened…in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST. AMEN!
We give YOU all the glory…in JESUS’ Mighty Name I pray. AMEN!

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No condemnation to them who are in CHRIST JESUS, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit...the Law of the Spirit of Life in CHRIST JESUS has set us free from the law of sin and death Rom 8:1-2